A Healthy Living

Our experienced cook prepares a wide range of freshly made meals and snacks using fresh and seasonal produce. We offer breakfast, morning snack, a two course hot lunch, and high-tea. Drinking water is accessible for the children in labelled drinks bottles throughout the day.  

Food and Nutrition

Every child at nursery enjoys a well-balanced healthy diet to build a strong body and mind. We provide nutritious wholesome meals and snacks in carefully designed menus. We follow nutritional guidelines and include suggestions from parents in our planning. We can cater for all special diets and allergies. 

The meals are prepared in the nursery kitchen and the menu is changed frequently to reflect the seasons of the year and the diverse culture we live in. We encourage our children to experience a wide variety of tastes. 

Mealtimes are valuable for encouraging social and personal skills and provide opportunities to learn about healthy eating. Children help set the table and are encouraged to serve themselves. When the weather permits, snack and teatimes take place in the fresh air. Our staff team eat alongside the children. 

Younger babies are fed in accordance to their individual needs and not as part of a nursery routine. Introducing foods can be a daunting time , we will support you through the ‘weaning journey’ and follow your lead. Suitable sterilisation equipment is used for babies feeding equipment and dummies. 



Be Active

Alongside eating well, engaging in physical activity from a very young age influences long term health.

We encourage our babies and children to roll over, run around, jump up and down, skip in the playground, sing songs with actions, kick a football, race on the bikes and dance with their friends. This all contributes to the important minutes of activity per day for our little ones. We go outdoors daily. We splash in the puddles, and stay safe in the sun. We create dens, obstacles courses, race tracks and invent games. We recognise the importance of physical activity for our children and it is a big part of our nursery day.

Allergen Awareness

We are an ‘Allergy Aware’ setting. All recipe and ingredient information can be viewed on site. Alongside food hygiene qualifications, the staff team have been trained in allergen awareness.    

Dental Hygiene

We follow the Local Authority tooth brushing program, and work closely with our families to encourage good dental hygiene. We offer sticker charts, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and take home activity sheets. We have a great range of resources to teach the children the importance of looking after our teeth and to role play a visit to the dentist. We continue to achieve the Rochdale councils ‘Golden Grin Award’ year after year and make sure we celebrate this with the children.  

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